CapturedByFriday 20th August 2017

Feeling the Fear and Learning!

Yesterday I felt like a  “real photographer” .  And I wasn’t  doing a shoot for anyone! But I was in the best space ever, and I was doing what I love doing so much. 

I was watching, and learning from other photographers and I was getting tips  from somebody who has many many accolades and awards to her name. Esther Bunning of Wairarapa. 

I wasn’t sure I should join in this event, organised by one of the two larger camera brands. But this free event was organised for both amateurs and professionals. I read the fine print…and yes - ok for me to go. So pretty incognito I went along.

The most valuable for me from yesterday,  was a reminder of the good old cliche - Feel the fear and do it anyway. This fear has crept in with age for me. And I don’t know where it has come from and how to shake it off. I doubted I could go, I doubted I could do the things we did yesterday, and I doubted I would be able to use the new skills… I know - sad!

I met Esther and she was just so lovely and friendly and gorgeous. I learned that I could take away from yesterday some real cool stuff with fabrics as filters. I will use this for my own photography and I learned that my technical skill is actually much better than I thought.

I know my style will keep changing, and I learned that that is ok.  Because that is what photography is all about! All the time!

So if you want to follow my journey. A middle aged, energetic and friendly woman who has so much more to do - then have a read again soon.

Thinking middle age woman photo exhibition would be fun…

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